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Strength in Balance NH is pleased to offer our clients the HOTTEST BARRE WORKOUTS IN THE WORLD!!!  Check out each of our class descriptions below. Feel free to contact us with any questions or for recommendations on which class would be best for you! We look forward to seeing you at the barre.  
Don't forget- your first class is FREE... so what are you waiting for?! 

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Booty Barre®

Booty Barre® is the hottest barre workout in the world! This class combines dance, pilates and yoga and is designed to strengthen and stretch your body. The course was designed by celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert Tracey Mallett.  

Booty Barre® is a non-stop class that includes the use of light (2, 3 or 5 pound) weights, a sponge ball and a yoga mat.  Weights and sponge balls are provided for each student.  We have several yoga mats available but feel free to bring your own!

This class is VERY FUN and will leave you wanting to dance out the door.

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Booty Barre Flex and Flow®

Booty Barre Flex and Flow® (previously called barre toning) is an energetic class that is very similar to booty barre®.  The standing barre series is a shortened version of booty barre® to build strength and lengthen your muscles.  

Flex and Flow® incorporates thera-bands for resistance training.  The use of the thera-bands adds a challenging element to the class that really works deep into your abdominals, upper back and arms.  The thera-bands and sponge balls are provided for each student. We have several yoga mats available but feel free to bring your own!

This class is designed to give you a lean, sexy and toned look without the added bulk.

BOOTY BARRE® SCULPT- intermediate/advanced class

Sculpt takes Booty Barre® to a whole new level! This class uses the cutting edge Booty Barre® cuff attached to a blue resistance band. The cuff provides the ability to seamlessly incorporate resistance training throughout the entire class. We will use the cuffs to attach the bands to our hands, arms, legs and feet. 

This class is only available for online registration upon receipt of instructor approval.  It is an intermediate/advanced class and is not recommended for those who are new to barre. 

This class requires Socks. 

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® is a FUN and unique fitness option.  Most traditional fitness programs create bulky muscle in unwanted areas and over time you can actually appear to look bigger in those trouble spots!  

Ballerobica® incorporates ballet basics to help give everyone a dancer's body.  The program is designed to elongate your muscles in key areas (arms, tummy, bums and thighs). The program helps slim and tone your natural figure and does not require any equipment other than the barre and a yoga mat.  We have several yoga mats available, but feel free to bring your own!  

You will quickly notice yourself standing taller and feeling thinner- and getting lots of compliments!  

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GROUNDED- starting in October!

Roll out your mat and get ready to strengthen and lengthen your entire body with this floor barre class. This class combines traditional ballet, floor barre exercises and Pilates, with an emphasis on developing flexibility and strength. We may incorporate props in this class such as light weights and a sponge ball. 

The class is done completely on the floor, focusing on form and encouraging proper body alignment. By lying on the floor without the pressure of gravity, you will work deep into your abs, shape your thighs and tighten your butt to achieve the long, toned body of a dancer.  This class will help you perfect your form for our other classes.

No experience is necessary and as with all of our classes exercises can be modified to your individual fitness ability and level. But don't be fooled- just because this class is done on the floor does not mean it will be easy!
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